Simply Sassy Style



  • Fashion and Automotive enthusiast.
  • Located in South Florida.
  • Available to travel.
  • Lifestyle-focused content includes: Style inspiration & styling tips, fitness tips, automotive reviews, fashion & beauty product reviews, spa/boutique/hotel reviews, travel adventures, as well as the occasional foodie fun.

A Little More History:

I have always been a car girl! Growing up, I would be glued to the television waiting for Dukes of Hazzard. I enjoyed seeing the General Lee fly through the air leaving Boss Hoss in the dust. Drooling over the car was top on my list, but I have to admit, the crush I had on Bo and Luke Duke didn’t help matters. Yep! That show was full of eye-candy! LOL! Although I have moved on from the Duke Boys, I still get a complete kick out of seeing cool cars fly through the air and enjoy experiencing them up close and personal.

In addition to cars, fashion has always been my thing! Traveling through South America and Europe, my love and passion for fashion heightened. When I returned home, I knew I wanted to tap into that love, so in 2012, I created my blog, Simply Sassy Style. I created this platform as a way to express myself and to connect with other media influencers around the world. Originally, Simply Sassy Style began as a fashion blog. Since that time it has morphed into a platform where I share stories about my lifestyle and the two things I love most; fashion and automobiles. In my opinion they go hand in hand.

Becoming a media influencer, my friends, has been a dream come true! Being able to experience and write about my passionate is a true blessing!