Monday, September 22, 2014


Hello Sassy People:

 has been a month of Giveaway's for ssstyle. However, today I wanted to step back into the fashion world and bring you a few tips on styling the ever fabulous kimono.
kimono patterns

Like most, when I think of a kimono, I think of a traditional Japanese garment. But as we all know, fashion continuously evolves, and there are times when the names of elegant, traditional pieces are borrowed in order to make similar items extremely trendy and super chic. Stamping the name "kimono" on a "cardigan" was simply brilliant. It has become the go to piece for most fashionista's, such as myself.

Cardigan's Kimono's are very light and airy making them perfect for warmer climate's. They provide great coverage, come in all lengths and patterns, while providing a touch of class to the most basic outfit. To be honest, I have purchased about 7 over this past year, and I am praying that I run across a traditional one while out thrifting. If I could find a traditional Japanese kimono that would make me extremely happy! Lol!

Even though, they can be worn with pretty much everything, on this day I decided to break up an all black ensemble by adding one with a really pretty pattern. The look it extremely comfortable, but it can still be worn when going out to eat, attending an event or just hanging out and about around town.

Kimono, Bangles, Hoop Earrings - Annie SezCropped Tee - Ross, Calvin Klein Skirt - Goodwill, Flats - Target, Body Chain - Boutique in Fl, Hair Jewelry - Gifted 

If you are thinking of purchasing a kimono and having doubts, you should go ahead and make that move. They are super cute, comfy and very affordable! You can't go wrong!

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always... 
Stay Sassy!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Grand opening 


Please join us for a Paw-fect  
Yappy Hour & Tour Celebration!
Our new and improved Thrift Shop will offer luxury designer clothes, accessories and furniture!
Don't forget to join the fun and donate your costume jewelry and accessories for a chance to win a gift certificate to the store! 
Monday, September 22, 2014  
From 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Tri-County Animal Rescue Thrift Shop
3350 NW 2nd Ave Boca Raton, FL 33431
(561) 338-4770
See you there! 
This is not a pet friendly event. 
Please leave your four legged friends at home. 
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Friday, September 19, 2014



Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Hello Sassy People:

Did you know that motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for children age 1 to 13 in the USA? The fatality rate could be reduced by about half if the correct child safety seat were always used.

Bloggin' Mamas is supporting the Ad Council and The Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) by sharing the word about Child Passenger Safety Week this week (September 14-20).

One of the goals of Child Passenger Safety Week is to encourage parents and caregivers to visit; to determine if their child is in the right seat for his or her age and size and to locate a car seat check event in their area. Additionally, parents and caregivers should be sure to register their child’s car seat with the manufacturer so as to be informed in the event of a recall.

Safety seats, if used correctly, dramatically reduce the risk of fatality or injury to children. However, research shows that three out of every four car seats are not used correctly, meaning the child is not in the correct car seat for their age, height and weight, or the car seat is not installed correctly. In 2012, over one third (37%) of children killed in car crashes were not in car seats or wearing seat belts.


o Installation Resources: If a car seat is not installed correctly, your child's safety could be in danger. Every car seat has different installation instructions. You can find resources and tips here to help you get “the right fit” on your car seats:;

o Free Car Seat Checks: During Child Passenger Safety Week, there will be more than 600 events in 45 states across the country, where certified child passenger safety technicians will inspect car seats and show parents and caregivers how to correctly install and use them. In most cases, this service is free of charge. Locate a car seat check event here:;

Car Seat Safety Tips:
  • Find a car seat that fits your child. As children grow, how they sit in your car will change. Make sure the car seat you purchase is designed to fit your child’s current size and age.
  • Not all car seats fit in all vehicles so test the car seat you plan to buy to make sure it fits well in your vehicle.
  • Before putting your child in a car seat, read the manufacturer’s instructions so you know how your car seat works.
  • All-in-One car seats offer you the advantage of using the same seat for the following positions: rear-facing, forward-facing with harness, then booster. These seats typically have higher height and weight limits for the rear-facing position, allowing you to keep your child rear-facing for a longer period of time.
  • Remember, the best car seat is the one that fits your child properly, is easy to use, and fits in your vehicle correctly. The information here can help you choose the right seat for your child. Keep in mind that:
o Your child under age 1 should always ride in a rear-facing car seat.

o Children ages 1-3 should be kept rear-facing as long as possible.

o Keep your child in the back seat at least through age 12.

Be certain you've installed your car seat correctly by having it checked at an inspection station or by a certified child passenger safety technician. Bring the Car Seat Instructions AND the Vehicle Owner’s Manual with you to a seat check appointment!

Check out this Infograph to help you check if you have #TheRightSeat and join @NHTSAgov on 9/17/14 from 3p-4p EST for a Twitter Chat where you can ask questions you might have about your car seat.

Free blogger signup

And to make sure you have #TheRightSeat, Bloggin' Mamas is giving away a $100 Amazon giftcard so you can buy one!

Giveaway begins September 17th, 2014 at 12:01 am and ends October 1st, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST. Open to US residents age 18 and older. Winner will be selected by and be notified by email. See Rafflecopter widget below for full terms & conditions.

Goodluck Sassy Momas!!!! 

Disclosure: I am sharing this post on behalf of Bloggin' Mamas. I was not compensated for this post and am not responsible for prize fulfillment. For questions concerning prize fulfillment, please contact Bloggin' Mamas directly.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014



As you can see this month has started out with tons of giveaway's for Simply Sassy's Style! I wanted to make sure you guys know how much I really appreciate you. So I have again partnered with Makobi Scribe to bring you this really cool is Amazon Facebook blast where one lucky reader will win a $100 Amazon gift card. The giveaway is open to everyone and provided by Makobi Scribe. Good Luck! If you are a blogger, you can sign up for this blast here.

Monday, September 15, 2014



Hello Sassy People:

I was awarded the "Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award" by one of the coolest bloggers ever, Jackie Harrison, of the blog Beautify Jackie Harrison, . 

Thanks so much Jackie! You are awesome!!!!!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.

2. Put the award logo on your blog.

3. Answer their ten questions. 

4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees. 

5. Nominate 10 bloggers

Here are my answers:

1. What is your favorite makeup brand? Luka Cosmetics

2. What designer you wish you could afford? Hermes

3. If you had to wear only one lipstick shade what color will it be? Red

4. Which is more important to you pedicure or manicure? Pedicure

5. Favorite concealer and why? Timeseal! Provides great coverage!

6. What is one makeup product you cannot be without? Concealer

7. Are you a jean or dress girl? Both

8. How did you came up with your blog name? My ex always said I was sassy so that sparked it.

9.   Do you prefer to visit bloggers or You tube gurus? Blogs

10. If you could be in a magazine which one would it be and why? Vogue! It is so chic!

I nominate:

Questions For The Nominees:
1. Heels or Flats?

2. Retail or Thrift?

3. What is your favorite TV Show?

4. Where is your favorite place to travel?

5. What makes you happy?

6. Coffee or Tea?

7. Mag or Book?

8. Favorite Brand of Nail Polish?

9. If there was one thing you could change about yourself what would it be?

10. What inspires you to keep blogging?

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always... 
Stay Sassy!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


What a way to end summer! ConColor Imports swimwear runway show was a total success at the Colombia Trade Expo 2014.  Designer Isabel Osorio debuted 22 pieces of her 2015 Botanica Collection to an audience of more than 600.  All eyes were focused on this colorful and attractive swimsuit collection. 

ConColor Imports swimwear runway show
Exciting right?!?!?!? Yes! I couldn't agree more! Now just sit back relax and click the link below to start the show!

Visit to learn more about the designer and the latest collection.

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always... 
Stay Sassy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Since officially becoming a Floridian, it has been a priority of mine to explore as much of this beautiful state as possible. So when I was contacted to test drive the sporty 1.0-Liter EcoBoost Ford Fiesta I was ecstatic. This would give me an opportunity to not only do more site-seeing, but to do it in a very stylish, turbocharged, economical car. This sporty little thing gets 37MPG (city and hwy combined) and 2.7 gallons per 100 miles. Amazing right?!?!?! Yes, I couldn't agree more!!!  
Ford Fiesta
On the day it was scheduled to be dropped off I was super excited and had everything planned: Labor Day Weekend ü Cool Fuel Economy Car ü Cruising along side the Beach ü Coffee Date with Blogger Buddy ü Shopping ü The Car is Manual! WHAT???

Me, not being well-versed in car, didn't realize that manual meant "stick shift". After a mild anxiety attack, I pulled it together and grabbed my thinking cap. At that moment, Sam, the maintenance guy, turned the corner and agreed to teach me to drive the car.

I couldn't and still can't believe that I learned to drive it in only 45 minutes. I have to pat myself on the back and give major kudos to Sam, but none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the Ford Fiesta's innovative technology. The gears shift very smoothly, the clutch disengages easily and the car reverses effortlessly, making learning to drive a breeze. So needless to say my Ford Fiesta experience was slightly delayed, but it didn't come to a complete halt.
To be totally honest, although I was extremely excited I was also extremely nervous the first day I drove the car. However, the more I drove the more it started to feel very natural, and in only a few days it became second nature.  
To say the least, I had a great time making my way all over South Florida doing the things I love most. But what made it epic was that I also learned a very valuable life skill, making this a completely unforgettable experience. 

I would absolutely recommend the Ford Fiesta. In my opinion this car would fit the lifestyle of college students, first time purchasers and those who are looking for a sporty, yet economical car, such as myself. :) 

Special thanks to @Ford_Southeast and Prestige for the concierge experience.

For more information about the Ford Fiesta click Here.

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always...
Stay Sassy!

*Disclosure: Products and services were provided to me for editorial consideration. All opinions are 100% my own*.



Hey Sassy People:

As you can see this month has started out with tons of giveaway's for Simply Sassy's Style! I wanted to make sure you guys know how much I really appreciate you. So I have again partnered with Makobi Scribe to bring you this really cool Amazon Twitter blast where one lucky reader will win a $100 Amazon gift card. The giveaway is open to everyone and provided by Makobi Scribe. Good Luck Sassy People! If you are a blogger, you can sign up for this blast here.

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